What happens after I apply for website work?

We thoroughly review your application, respond and open a communication channel to further discuss the project.

Do I pay before or after the work is completed?

Payment is made before each milestone begins. We’ll start working on your website after we have confirmation of milestone payment.

Paying by milestones simply means that the project can be divided into phases so that a $600 project can be paid 3 times ($200/milestone).

How does milestone payment work? Is it beneficial to me?

Milestone payment enables us to divide the project into phases. For example, phase 1 (or milestone 1) can be building the homepage, phase 2 can be about building the rest of the pages, and phase 3 can be about connecting domain and launching the website. In this way, you only make payment for the second milestone after you are 100% satisfied with the first.

Our clients love milestone payments and so will you because if you don’t like the way the project is going, you can simply end it.

After I make payment, how long will it take you to confirm?

24 hours or less.

How do I pay for the project?

Once we reach an agreement and we are ready to begin working on your project, you will receive a payment notice via email with a link for you to pay. You’ll be able to pay using PayPal, eCheck, MasterCard, visa.

How long will it take to complete the project?

Usually within 5-9 days, but it really depends on the level of work to be done. During the project discussion, we shall discuss with you about possible delivery time frame.

Do I get refunds if I don’t like the outcome or if I change my mind about the project?

There are NO REFUNDS! Because we’re billed by our time not the outcome of the work, we do not offer refunds. Because you’ll get to make payments by milesones, you can choose not to continue with the next milestone and you won’t have to pay for that milestone.

Do you offer maintenance or retainer services?

No, we don’t. We will NOT stay on and maintain your website by updating its contents, publishing blog articles, adding products, etc.

However, we’ll help you make minor design updates whenever you need one. Updates that takes 30 minutes or less to make are free, if more than 40 minutes, we’ll have to discuss a fee.